D5 - GRAY - Superior
Waking up refreshed isn’t only a matter of a spacious and comfortable bed. Equally important in this respect is being able to fall asleep peacefully. Light helps you in its own unique way to let your mind relax gently and ease the worries of a busy day into the background. The healing effect of ultraviolet and other rays has long been known, but thanks to sophisticated “light-fidelity”, you can decide for yourself how far you want to go. In combination with the jacuzzi or the massage shower, you explore your own needs and seek your pleasure in the direction of your own choice. The unique designs of Eileen Gray (at last there is a woman amongst the Modernists!) have become universal icons and effortlessly reinforce the sense of attainable luxury. You watch television or use the Internet on the same screen as you count your blessings horizontally.